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Why can't I login to STAR or access my study timetable?

Last modified 5 months ago

STAR (Student Timetable Allocation and Registration), your timetable system for on campus learning activities, may be closed for sorting or automated activities that are part of the timetabling process. If you can't access your timetable: Check the opening and closing dates of STAR to see if it's available. For short periods during each ...

STAR and Timetabling / STAR Access, Navigation and Attendance

How do I get my name badge for my placement?

Last modified 1 week ago

a login

Placements and Work Integrated Learning / Placements

How do I change or add my major sequence, minor sequence or specialisation?

Last modified 3 months ago

To add, modify or withdraw a minor sequence, major sequence or specialisation (unit set): Login to the StudentConnect ‘Enrol in unit/course’ page Click on ‘UPDATE ENROLMENT’ and then ‘Major, minors, specialisations’ under the Enrolment Steps To add a new unit set, select ‘+ADD A MAJOR

Enrolment Help and Changes / Unit and Unit Set Selection

How long will it take for Deakin to assess my credentials once I have submitted my evidence?

Last modified 2 months ago

If you are completing credentials as part of your Professional Practice degree, it can take up to four weeks from the completion of your video submission for your results to be made available. You may be asked to provide supplementary evidence during this process. You will be notified of the outcome via email once your submission has bee...

Exams, Results and Assessment / Results

Can I extend my student visa to attend my graduation ceremony?

Last modified 9 months ago

You will not be able to extend your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) or student visa to attend you graduation ceremony or event, as student visas are only for the purpose of study. You can investigate if there are other visa options available that may allow you to attend your ceremony by visiting: the Deakin Student Legal Service (DSLS) w...

Visa and Compliance / International Visa Compliance

I am still studying my course and need to extend my visa

Last modified 9 months ago

You will need to speak to the Department of Home Affairs, a Registered Migration Agent (MARA) or a Migration Lawyer who can provide visa advice related to your circ*mstances. Under legislation, the University is not permitted to provide advice about migration or visas. Alternatively, you can contact the Deakin University Student Associat...

Visa and Compliance / International Visa Compliance

Student: Can my Access Plan from my previous university be implemented without new documentation?

Last modified 2 months ago

If your disability is permanent, and the adjustments indicated on the plan can be easily adapted to meet course requirements at Deakin University, new documentation may not be required. An initial discussion with your Disability Liaison Officer (DLO) will confirm if new documentation is needed. Attach a copy when requesting support or br...

Request for Support / Supporting Documentation

I'm a domestic student and my scholarship is not showing up on my invoice

Last modified 8 months ago

Your scholarship payment will be paid within four weeks after the census date, once your eligibility has been reconfirmed. If your scholarship amount still does not appear on your invoice five weeks after census date, please contact Visit the Scholarship payments webpage to find out more.

Fees, Scholarships and Fin. Assistance / Scholarships

I just sat my end-of-unit assessment or exam, but I have a question for my lecturer/unit chair

Last modified 6 months ago

If you have a question about an end-of-unit assessment (EoUA) or exam you’ve completed, it’s best to contact a Student Adviser at Student Central. They may be able to resolve your enquiry in the first instance or will be able to direct you to the appropriate contact. Find their contact details on the Student Central webpage or submit an ...

Exams, Results and Assessment / Exams

My phone number has changed. How do I update it to receive my results by SMS?

Last modified 6 months ago

Your results will be sent to the mobile phone number found in your 'Postal address' details in StudentConnect. You can update your mobile phone number by selecting the 'Contact details' option on the left hand menu under 'Personal details'.

Exams, Results and Assessment / Results

My Unit Chair says they've finalised my result, where is it?

Last modified 6 months ago

If your result was finalised after the official result release date, it may take up to a week before it becomes available. This is because the relevant Faculty Committee is also required to approve the result before it can be published. You can then see it by selecting 'View your results' on StudentConnect. If your results are not availa...

Exams, Results and Assessment / Results

My case about Academic Integrity is being reviewed. Do I continue with my studies?

Last modified 6 months ago

You will remain enrolled and should continue to study throughout the management of the alleged breach of academic integrity and the University appeals process. You should continue your normal academic attendance and work within your course. Allegations will be heard and decided even if you withdraw from the unit or course. You can find o...

Academic Progress and Integrity

Can I go overseas and return to Australia before my visa expires if I have finished my course?

Last modified 9 months ago

If you have finished your course as an international student and wish to leave and then return to Australia before your visa expires, then you should contact the Department of Home Affairs (DHA). They will provide advice for making sure you avoid any issues while travelling. Please note that if you do not intend to study when you return ...

Student Support and Wellbeing / International Student Support

What happens to my class timetable if I change my enrolment?

Last modified 3 months ago

On-campus units If you enrol in additional on-campus units with learning activities while STAR is in Preference Entry mode, you will need to log in to STAR again and enter preferences for your newly added units. If you enrol in additional on-campus units with learning activities while STAR is in Allocation Adjustment mode, you will need ...

STAR and Timetabling / STAR Access, Navigation and Attendance

STAFF: Handling Cross-Institutional (Outbound) Transcripts (Australian Transcripts) and My eQuals

Last modified 3 months ago

of receiving transcripts is via My eQuals. Digital Academic Transcript – My eQuals (preferred method) My /Institution. Staff action: 1. Student forwards the digital academic transcript via the My eQuals as shown below). On receipt of the My eQuals email, staff are to download

Transcripts, Documents and Letters / Academic Transcript

When will I receive my Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS)?

Last modified 6 months ago

You'll receive a digital copy of your Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS) free of charge, through My eQuals, after the date your award has been conferred. Once your documents have been issued by Deakin to My eQuals, you'll receive an email from My eQuals

Transcripts, Documents and Letters

How do I change my Deakin password?

Last modified 9 months ago

a Deakin IT account and generate my username and password? Further assistance If you have any problems

IT Support / IT Technical Support

How can I nominate a third party to act on my behalf?

Last modified 2 months ago

to Deakin University to disclose information pertaining to my student record to: Given name/Surname that are not applicable): All information relating to my student record Academic details; enrolment

Student Support and Wellbeing / Third Party Enquiry

How and when do I get my Overseas Health Cover (OSHC) card or Bupa Card? (International Students)

Last modified 7 weeks ago

Bupa If you have signed up for Overseas Health Cover (OSHC) from Bupa, you will have access to a digital Bupa membership card. To get your Bupa card you need to register on the myBupa app or visit the myBupa website. Use your Bupa membership number located on your OSHC verification letter. Please note that Bupa no longer issue physical B...

Visa and Compliance / Overseas Health Cover (OSHC)

I'm an international student and I haven't enrolled in any units, can I defer my course?

Last modified 8 months ago

Before course commencement date If you want to postpone studying your course before its commencement date, whether you have enrolled yet or not, you can contact the International Admissions team through your StudyLink portal. If you have an agent managing your application, please ask them to contact Deakin on your behalf as they will hav...

Student Support and Wellbeing / International Student Support

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