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Overview:The Staff Accountant is responsible to ensure Payroll, Balance Sheets, Full cycle Tax process, and General Cashier processes are completed in a timely manner, in accordance with Omni Hotels Standards, and in compliance with all state and federal wage and hourly regulations. Responsibilities:* Controls House/Employee Fund of this property including all banks issued out of this fund for house/associate banks. * Retrieves envelopes of Front Office and Food and Beverage cashiers from deposit vault and verifies totals.* Performs quarterly audits of the cash recycler.* Maintains an accurate log to ensure terminated associates are removed from the cash recycler.* Maintains an accurate log to ensure all Omni associates with cash recycler access have a completed cash acknowledgement form on file.* Completes daily deposits.* Ensures proper levels of change are kept on hand and submits requests for change orders to DOF.* All change orders are to be recorded on the appropriate days deposit log as well as completing a deposit slip and check recording form per established procedures.* Change orders are to be sent to the bank with regular hotel deposits (as a separate deposit).* All change orders are to be exchanged on an even basis, i.e. a $1,000 change withdrawal must result in a $1,000 deposit. "Running float" situations are not compatible with the Omni system of deposits, and are not permitted in any of our properties, as they reduce accountability and control over change orders. Any change order must result in a corresponding deposit log being made in the same amount and day as the change order.* Document errors made by cash handling associates DAILY by maintaining/monitoring over/short cash variances.* Handles guest inquiry and credit card chargeback research.* Attending department meetings and other required training.* Fully responsible for all functions of the Kronos/UKG payroll process.* Vacation, sick days, personal days, holiday pay, and funeral pay adjustments.* Daily/Weekly distribution of Payroll reports i.e. Attestation report, Missing punch report, Productivity report, approaching overtime, and missing schedules, etc.* Working with department heads to ensure J1's, H2B's, and OEM staff are paid correctly.* Research discrepancies with the payroll.* Maintains detailed biweekly files on all related Payroll Information.* Balances daily service charge and gratuities.* Responsible for all GM Discretionary or Referral Bonuses are paid out bi-weekly.* Responsible for processing weekly contract labor invoices.* Responsible for addressing and correcting any areas in payroll found to be out of order by monitoring and performing monthly areas highlighted under Payroll Verification section of the Internal Audit Checklist Report.* Coordinate with Corporate Paymaster for pay card discrepancies and Payroll information.* Perform any other payroll-related functions directed by the DOF/ADOF.* Be available to assist the corporate audit team and provide any/all requested payroll-related information.Responsible for addressing and correcting any areas found to be out of order by the Corporate Audit Team, with the assistance of the Hotel's Internal Auditor and/or DOF/ADOF.* Responsible for monitoring and performing monthly areas highlighted under Payroll Verification section of the Internal Audit Checklist Report.* Reconcile and balance all Balance Sheets assigned monthly.* Complete the full cycle daily and monthly tax reconciliation and filing of State and Federal taxes. Understanding of hotel tax exemption is recommended.* Ensure work area is clean and clear of standing water, debris or any objects that can obstruct the job duties from being performed safely, efficiently, and effectively.* Complete other duties as assigned by management.Qualifications:* Finance related associate degree or equivalent experience is strongly preferred.* Previous hotel payroll experience (preferred)* Candidate must have excellent time management skills, the ability to work with both internal and external customers and a keen eye for detail.* Must be computer oriented and able to meet deadlines and adhere to company policies.* Must be proficient in Excel, Outlook and other general computer skills.* Experience with payroll applications such as Ultipro, Oracle, Kronos, Evention, and Micros highly preferred.* Ability to clearly and pleasantly communicate both verbally and in writing in English with internal and external guests/customers, both in person and by telephone.Physical Requirements:* The ability to sit and utilize telephone/computer for an entire shift.Working Environment:* Office environment with occasional travel around property.Tools & Equipment:* Computer, copy/print/scan/fax machine, files* Microsoft Office* Kronos/UKGOmni Hotels & Resorts is an equal opportunity/AA/Disability/Veteran employer. The EEO is the Law poster and its supplement are available using the following links: EEOC is the Law Poster and the following link is the OFCCP's Pay Transparency Nondiscrimination policy statementIf you are interested in applying for employment with Omni Hotels & Resorts and need special assistance to apply for a posted position, please send an email to


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Omni Hotels Management Corporation

Staff Accountant Manager (OEM) (2024)


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