NYC Dating App & Site: Zoosk Is New York's Favorite Dating App (2024)

Zoosk is a fun and safe dating site trusted by more than 40 million singles worldwide.

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Thousands of American singles put their trust in Zoosk every day, and for good reason. Our dating site is easy to use and your safety is a top priority. We also use a clever mix of behavioral matchmaking and personalization features to help you on the way to finding that special someone. Above all, we want to make local dating simple and fun for everyone. That’s why we’re one of the best online dating sites for meeting local singles in the US.

Why Dating in NYC is Better with Zoosk

Dating in NYC is a microcosm of the city itself: larger-than-life, vibrant, and moving at a million miles a minute. Trying to find love among the millions of people that call the city home can be pretty hectic; that’s a given. Thankfully, you can streamline the whole experience by finding the right New York dating app. Every person is different of course, and different dating apps cater to different needs. One New York dating app that ticks all the boxes, however, is Zoosk..

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How Does Zoosk Help Singles Dating in NYC?

Serving up hot slices of romance since 2008, we have longevity on our side. Over 40 million singles have trusted Zoosk to help them find their special someone, and this success has been no accident. The reason our site remains popular despite the world we live in changing so rapidly is that we understand the importance of individuality, that the most important part is our members. And everybody’s approach to dating in NYC is, after all, a little different.

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New York Dating App: A Style That Suits

Most New York dating apps opt for either a ‘swipe left or right’ feature, or a more classic search function. With Zoosk, however, you can enjoy even more ways to match! While Search allows you to browse for potential matches based on personalized filters like height, body type, religion and education, the Carousel feature is ideal if you prefer to do your dating on the fly. Simply flick through the profiles of thousands of New York singles, and find the ones you like – then match, message, and get ready for NYC romance!

Zoosk takes the matching process even further, adding even more ways to find your new beau. The Online Now feature lets you view Zoosk members browsing the site that very moment, meaning you can expect even quicker responses. Our SmartPick technology also suggests singles you might be interested in. Based on compatibility and your preferences, we use behavioral matchmaking to send you selected profiles daily, giving you even more choice. Speaking of profiles…

Setting Up Your Profile Couldn’t be Easier

Our aim is to make dating easy and fun. Setting up a profile could hardly be simpler, thanks to smart design and an intuitive interface, it’s easy to navigate and use, regardless of your experience on dating sites. When you log in you’ll begin by answering questions about yourself and your dating preferences, then after uploading a profile picture, you’re ready to go. From there, you can take as much time as you like to perfect your profile. Or, if you’re confident that your profile will already wow your fellow singles, you can jump straight into the action and try out some top NYC date ideas! We have millions of active members, who are out there waiting to meet singles just like you!

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There’s a Perfect Someone for Everybody: Zoosk’s membership is vast. This means that whatever kind of person you’re hoping to meet, you can find them. Searching for a non-smoking poet with an athletic physique? A single school teacher who loves country walks? A Harvard-educated lawyer who’s happy to wear a novelty jumper at Christmas? With Zoosk’s extensive pool of members and personalization features, you can bet you’ll find somebody that ticks your every last box.

Your Safety Comes First: One crucial thing a New York dating app has to get right is the security of its members. Just as dating in NYC can be crazy fun, it requires common sense, too. That’s why your safety is a top priority for us, with photo and Facebook verification, we always working behind scenes to support our members and keep your data secure.

The Bottom Line: If You’re Dating in NYC, Zoosk can help! With an intuitive interface combined with simple-to-use technology and so many ways to match, Zoosk is simply your best choice for a New York dating app that actually works. All around the world today, there are millions of love stories that started on Zoosk – and it all began with the first step of signing up. If you’re ready to meet your perfect match and head out to some of the best date night restaurants in NYC, get started today by downloading Zoosk from the App Store or Google Play or signing up on site if you prefer desktop. Who knows – your true love might be logging on this very minute! Let’s help you meet them.

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NYC Dating App & Site: Zoosk Is New York's Favorite Dating App (2024)


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